Every product, every situation

NIK’s technical support team is prepared to work with all products from the company’s portfolio and are ready to assist you in any situation.

Personal service approach

Your personal service technician is always ready to assist you and your workers in the farm or on the field.

Certified service center

In our internationally accredited and ISO-certified service center, we provide timely and high-quality service.

Skills, education, experience

The service team of NIK consist entirely of professionals with rich technical experience, who undergo annual trainings in Bulgaria and abroad (in USA, France, Netherlands etc.).

Training center

NIK has its own training center, where company employees, mechanics and students prepare to work with precision farming technologies.


For 15 years NIK is implementing innovative technologies for automation and digitization of all processes in the Bulgarian farms.

You want to be part of our team? See more about the career opportunities in NIK.


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