Key Features

  •   Capacity (product) – from 50 to 1800 l
  •   Capacity (water) - from 15 to 150 l
  •   Ecofert kit
  •   Height - from 52 to 137 cm
  •   Simplified installation
  •   Suitable for all kinds of liquid fertilizers
  •   Width – from 43/52 to 175/200 cm
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Product Information

Startec solutions, developed for liquid fertilizer application, are suitable for all kinds of liquid fertilizers, ensuring reliability and accuracy in the application. Farmers prefer them for their simplified installation and use.

Liquid fertilizer tanks

Polyethylene tanks with painted metallic frame, supplied to fit with liquid products localization kits. A wide range is available, covering the capacities from 50 to 1800 liters. The tanks are designed to host the pumping groups and other components, and they can be combined to use one or more products at the same time.

The tanks with capacity of more than 750 litres are especially shaped and rounded to be placed in front of the tractor without compromising the driver’s visibility.

There are two types of tanks available – single and multiple. The latter is composed of two tanks that may be connected or left independent, depending on the farmers’ needs and allows you to use one or two products at the same time.

Ecofert from Startec

The Ecofert Kit allows farmers to maximize the benefits of linear jet localization, mostly of fertilizer or inoculant. Key factors, such as the adjustment of the dosage in proportion to the forward speed, the use at the same time of the main operation and the possibility to regulate with extremely high precision where and how to the product is released, allow farmers to increase fertilizing effectiveness and reduce time and resource consumption.



Startec is a leading company in the manufacturing accessories of agricultural machinery. For almost two decades, the company continues to innovate and develop its products. Startec focuses on specific applications that reduce resources consumption and increase efficiency. The company strives to realize technologically advanced, highly innovative and deeply customized solutions, among which are systems to localize liquid and microgranular products, irrigation management devices, etc. On the Bulgarian market, Startec offers its solutions in cooperation with NIK.