Key Features

  •   17.8 cm (7”) colour touchscreen display
  •   Android platform ready for future development
  •   Built-in WiFi and Bluetooth
  •   Docking Station
  •   Easily transfers between vehicles and outside the cab for mapping and scouting tasks
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Product Information

The Trimble® MMX-070 display is a robust, portable, Android tablet built for agriculture. It combines the capabilities of a precision farming display with the advantages of a tablet. Use it in the cab for manual guidance and automatic section control over ISOBUS, as well as outside the cab for mapping, scouting, or other tasks. Enjoy the convenience of browsing the Internet or loading different apps from Trimble’s App Central marketplace. Its flexibility and price point separates it from any other precision farming display.

  • The ISOBUS standard was implemented as a user-friendly solution to the MMX-070 display.
  • The Task Controller function with automatic section control, as well as documentation, is nicely integrated and easy to use in the working screen.
  • The Android operating system provides an easy-to-use interface, optimized graphics, improved multi-touch screen, and unmatched responsiveness.
  • Trimble App Central offers the ability to download and install third-party Android-based applications when using the MMX-070 display. App Central offers several categories including: Diagnostic tools to identify and address implement error codes; Fertilizer calibration charts for various brands of spreaders; Identification of nutrient deficiencies; Planter adjustment recommendations for various planter brands; PDF reader; Work order and documentation-based software applications for agriculture.
  • CoPilot App provides street navigation and real-time traffic information, assisting farmers or contractors in finding the next field.
  • TeamViewer App enables remote view of the field displays to provide added support for the operator.
  • Trimble Connected Farm Apps allow the integration of the MMX-070 display and data into a single place using the Connected Farm™ apps Scout, Fleet, Field, and Irrigate.


About Trimble

Trimble has turned into a synonym of modern technologies for precision agriculture. Combining the rich experience in the field of GPS tracking and modern precision technologies, Trimble offer high-efficiency solutions leading to excellent results.

Integrating the newest technological achievements into their products, thanks to Trimble farmers are able to easily and effectively manage their farm, cutting back their expenses and improving yield results. GPS navigation systems provide precision and in the same time steering systems save up time and reduce operational costs.

Apart from agriculture, GPS solutions by Trimble are applicable in other fields such as construction, engineering, civil aviation, armed forces, etc. Nowadays, the American company owns more than 100 patents, offices in more than 35 countries and a team of around 3000 people.