Key Features

  •   Axle width – 304 cm
  •   Booms - Pommier - 30 m, 37 m and 40 m
  •   Crop clearance 127 cm
  •   Engine - Cummins
  •   Patented suspension with independent hydraulic
  •   Power - 260 h.p.
  •   Product tank - 4542 liters
  •   Rinse tank – 379 l
  •   State-of-the-art cab
  •   Top road speed - up to 40 km/h
  •   Transmission - ZF Power Shift, 6-speed
  •   Weight 9525 kg
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Product Information

Apache AS1220 sprayers with mechanical drive system are light, but reliable machines, tailored for higher workload and easier maintenance.

The main distinctive features of the Apache sprayers are:

  • Power-to-the-Ground™ – patented technology that allows a full 90 percent of an Apache’s horsepower to be transferred to the ground, making it more efficient during work on the field;
  • The Apache’s mechanical drive transmission has fewer parts, making it is easier to maintain.
  • Due to its simple construction, the Apache is rugged and dependable in different conditions;
  • Excellent performance on tough terrains and sharper turns;
  • Less soil compaction thanks to the lighter construction of the sprayer;
  • Smooth ride guaranteed by the Flex-Frame technology;
  • Patented suspension system;
  • Booms with sturdy and easy to maintain construction;
  • State-of-the-art cab allowing comfort during work.

New features for the 30 series

Only the sprayers from the 30 series have:

  • ZF transmission tuning offers optimum smooth performance at both application and road speeds;
  • Structural improvements of the 30- and 27-meter booms;
  • Improved accessibility to adjust on-the-go machines (adjustable axle machines);
  • Better on-board diagnostics.

The state-of-the-art cab of Apache AS1230

The modern cabin features state-of-the-art equipment, comfortable seats, and an option for installation of navigation display Trimble for more precise work on the field.

The Flex -Frame construction and adjustable ergonomic seat absorb shocks, providing a smooth, consistent ride.

Smooth ride with the Flex-Frame technology

Flex-frame consists of C-channel flex – frame rails and a pivoting front axle

  • The frame flexes as the driver turns or drive over uneven ground
  • All wheels stay on the ground at all times
  • Reduced wear on accumulators and shocks

The flex-frame means:

  • Less stress on machine and operator
  • Less maintenance and downtime
  • Increased durability for a longer machine life

Booms for Apache AS1230

Apache 1230 has Pommier booms in several sizes: 30 m, 37 m and 40 m.

A new boom rack common to all Apache models offers a stronger, more flexible, better protected and lower-maintenance boom package.

To choose the most suitable machine configuration for your farm, you can contact our team who will be happy to assist you and answer your questions!



Equipment Technologies was founded in 1997 with the commitment to produce a tough, reliable, simple sprayers for the grower. This decision was a result from hundreds of conversations with farmers who wanted a machine that is with mechanical drive, simple to run and maintain, effective, light enough in the fields and tough enough to get the job done, a machine that had a tractor feel, but a more comfortable ride. This is the type of sprayer Equipment Technologies offers.

In 2016 the company became part of the Exel Industries group, which develops the French sprayers Berthoud and continues to grow its business and improve its products. Currently the Apache sprayers are among the most popular sprayers with mechanical drive in the USA, Australia and Europe.