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Precision Agriculture with Trimble and Connected Farm through the experience of the Bulgarian farmer Borislav Bogdanov

“In a year like this when every minute is precious, efficiency is by far one of the most important requirements for successful agriculture operations. Precision technologies that measure the quality of the crop give us the opportunity of the perfect timing for every single action in the field. In this way we cut back on one resource that we cannot restore or buy – time”, concludes Bulgarian farmer Borislav Bogdanov and carries on with the benefits of implementing precision agriculture technologies.

It has been 2 years since Borislav first started using innovative technologies by Trimble. Bogdanov is particularly satisfied with Connected Farm – a technology that facilitates and optimizes farm management by unifying the information about all operations being conducted in the fields. Via wireless data transfer between the office and the field and between the vehicles within the field the Bulgarian farmer manages the farm regardless of his location.

All vehicles are equipped with the FmX integrated display by Trimble which stores all the information about agriculture operations within the farm. Recorded data about this year`s harvest, for example, is later on wirelessly transferred and visualized in Connected Farm Dashboard – an online platform, accessible by every device with an Internet connection – computer, tablet, smartphone, as well as the new Trimble display – TMX-2050. Thus, Borislav Bogdanov has all the up-to-date information about his farm and the option to change at any point in time. Vehicle Sync is another “smart” technology implemented by the farmer. Vehicle Sync transfers data between operators in the same field via the FmX integrated display, minimizing the overlapping and reducing fuel costs and time spent in the field.

Through the technologies for precision agriculture by Trimble, Borislav Bogdanov has increased operational efficiency by 20% and in the same time cut back on his expenses.

Another beneficial feature of the FmX integrated display is Remote Assistant which allows a remote access from any location for diagnosing problems without stepping out of the cab. Using Connected Farm Borislav can also keep track of useful additional information such as weather forecasts, rainfall totals etc. Stored within Connected Farm for a set period of time, the Bulgarian farmer can go back to data for previous operations whenever he needs to. “With Trimble we can go beyond precision to efficiency”, says Bogdanov at the end of our conversation.

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