Trimble xFill Premium Service: Unlimited RTK and VRS backup correction source

Author: 14.06.2016
Powered by Trimble RTX™ technology, the new xFill™ Premium service is now available on the Trimble® TMX-2050™ display inside the FmX® Plus app. It can be used to:
Bridge correction signal interruptions

The xFill Premium service allows continued field operations during RTK/VRS signal interruptions, delivering Trimble RTX position accuracy for the duration of the interruption. This service extends the Trimble standard xFill service, which is limited to 20 minutes.


Mitigate scintillation interference

The xFill Premium service allows for continued high-accuracy field operations during most periods of scintillation interference when RTK is rendered inoperable. The feature also allows the user to switch manually from RTK positioning into xFill Premium positioning during scintillation interference, and back when the interference subsides.

xFill Premium features

  • Unlimited time extended RTK operation keeps users in the field longer with fewer interruptions.
  • Seamless switching ensures that automated steering continues smoothly when the system switches to xFill Premium positioning and then back to RTK.
  • Global coverage area enables users worldwide to benefit from xFill Premium service.


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