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How to use Pessl Instruments meteo stations in your farm

For over 30 years the Pessl Instruments meteo stations allow farmers to take informed decisions while planing the farming activities. With the aid of Pessl meteorological stations, mounted on the farm field, farmers can determine the most appropriate moment for each agricultural activity in order to preserve the crops’ health and vigor.

Depending on the sensors that are installed on the station, farmers receive the following information:

  • Detailed weather forecast for 7 days ahead
  • Recommendation for the most appropriate time for spraying
  • Recommendation for the most suitable time for effective fertilization
  • Automated evaluations for good harvesting conditions
  • Disease outbreak alerts – the stations include more than 40 disease prediction models
  • Real-time data for the field – accessable from a web platform and a mobile application
  • Frost and heat warnings – with automatic SMS alert
  • Measurement of the soil temperature in order to determine the best time for sowing
  • Automatic recommendations for irrigation according to the type of crops and the soil moisture
  • History of the climate – data archive, which can be used in the planning of the next year
  • Temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide levels in the storage facilities
The data, generated from the iMetos  meteorological stations, allows farmers to plan their agricultural activities according to the phonological stage of the crop and the climate conditions on the field in order to save resources and preserve the crops’ health.

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