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27.02.2014 NIK acquires a part of Techno Farm Ltd
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       NIK Electronics is a leading company on the Bulgarian agricultural market, which offers precision farming  technologies since 2002. From the very beginning of its activity the company shows an innovative approach by accepting the challenge to popularize new precision agriculture technologies and products - new for the Bulgarian market. We understand that being a pioneer in this field is a labor-intensive task, but we are glad that Bulgarian farmers highly appreciate our work.

We believe that our customers choose NIK Electronics because we provide solutions that help them achieve their goals, namely -  to improve the effectiveness of their work. Our customers range from small farms to holding companies, with more than 10 000 ha tillable area. What unites them is that no matter how much arable land they possess, their advanced thinking improves their work and the result is – larger profit.

  Our Team

     Our policy is to represent only companies, leaders in their market segment, but even the best products need people well-introduced to them and their best usage. Therefore, we at NIK Electronics believe that the qualification of our team is one of our irrefutable advantages. To be able to meet the requirements of rapidly evolving technologies, we improve our technical knowledge by regular training sessions in France, Germany and the United States. This is the way we manage to offer the latest technologies, adapted according to the specific needs of the Bulgarian market and our customers.

  Our Mission

     Since our establishment, we aim at helping our customers by offering them products and services that make their business more profitable. The world we live in is changing rapidly and offers new and more effective ways of handling a certain agricultural operation. We want to facilitate farmers by offering them products and services that meet their specific needs and at the same time easy to use.